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What is Hot in The World of Awards

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  • Post published:June 14, 2021
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As we leave Covid behind us and people are starting to gather the awards business is in full swing.

As little as 5 years ago we were selling 100’s upon 100’s of plaques to winners. Boy times have changed

The advent of the internet and the ability for companies like Same Day Awards to ship the Same Day has changed the landscape forever

Not every person has a wall or a workspace that is conducive to hanging a plaque

Many companies have gone to more desktop awards like acrylic

but the real growth we are seeing is in these vibrant

Pieces call Art Glass

Unique, classy and ½ award ½ art piece

They are handblown glass with many colors and shapes and are not your grandfathers plaque!!

Check them out. Same Day Awards is adding new styles each month

All can be customized with engraving and/or company logos!

My how the awards industry is changing and Same Day Awards is changing along with it